Do's and Dont's Around Jaipur

  • Hiring a good guide makes sense. He’s sure to give you the right information and also help you manage your time as there’s so much to do and see in this city. Guides, however, may try and take you to select souvenir shops where they’re likely to get a commission.
  • Though a minor point, it’s good to know this so that you can look at a wider range of shops. The same is true of rickshaw pullers and drivers. So do make sure you leave your driver at a different place while you shop.
  • If you’re shopping for gems and stones, something Jaipur is famous for, it makes sense to do some homework before you set out. Good at bargaining? Then you’re at an advantage. Visit reputed shops that give you a guarantee for your purchases
  • Lastly, it’s advisable to dress modestly. That way you won’t attract unnecessary attention from potential ”eve-teasers”.
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